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16th October 2009

Get totally FREE access to the most complete MP3 library ever (millions of files, every single song on Earth! - see screenshots and examples below. All you have to do is register)!

You can create your personal playlist, either listen to your favourite tracks online or download them: there is even a program Internet Download Manager that downloads everything for you automatically!

The registration process takes exactly one minute: users from all countries are welcome!

Videosearch should be enabled shortly (Video Clips, Movies, TV Shows, XXX and etc.) - trust us (it's already available for Russian users), there are things that you'll NEVER find on YouTube!

Notice: Registration will be end on October24th.

Require your “VALID” First / last name and University/School name.

After registration process submit your own PHOTO! (do not submit avatar or other image else new account will be banned)

After above valid details your registration will be complited and then you will be able to download more songs.

Your account will be banned in future if above conditions didn’t met.

14th August 2009


Every Tuesday Dr. Pepper is giving away a free download from various artists that you can

download at Imeem.

Today you can download a free MP3 of “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere” by Fabolous

on imeem, courtesy of Dr Pepper! I love this song sooo much!! Oh, in case you missed last week,

check out "I Need A Girl" By Trey Songz.

9th December 2007


Motor - Abstrakt Machine [top05] / Motor - Abstrakt Machine @ archive.org

Abstrakt Machine is a musical montage, which features myriads of audio-grains, both artificial and natural, mixed together by the amazing technology of granular synthesis. The abstract and dense ambient-cloud surrounds you and covers you like a warm blanket.
Abstrakt Machine will help you to explore the whole variety of different sub-genres of ambient music: from disquiet industrial noisescapes to calming and relaxed organic multilayered ambient, from clicky pop-up glitch to sterile microwaves. And a dozen of field recording cut-ups, indeed. One of the most amazing experimentowave releases by Motor, after all: a pure feeling of autumn/winter!

9th May 2009

Artist : Darren Hayes, Robert Conley
Genre : electronica, pop
URL : http://www.wearesmug.com/
Date : 7th of May 2009
Time : approx 40 minutes
---- ----- -----

I've been recording a secret side project album with my long term co
writer and collaborator Robert Conley over the past 2 years.
It was
finished and mixed in December last year and just last week the album
was mastered.

It's a band we call 'We Are Smug'. Robert and I share lead vocal and
songwriting duties on everything, and up until this second, we haven't
spoken a word of it to anyone outside of our circle of friends.

But today, on my birthday, we've decided it's release day and if you
visit http://www.wearesmug.com/ you can download it for free.

This is not the direction of my next album, nor is 'free' the new
price for my music. This is just something I am doing because I can.

Source Darren's Myspace, cut and bolded by yours truly.

4th December 2007

Artist : OCTOPUS
Genre : House, Rock, Breaks, Disco, Funk.
Label : octopusvision
http://octopus.pdj.ru/  http://octopus-online.livejournal.com/
Date : 2007-11-26
Time : 62:10 min
devices: SSL /Technics SL-1210MK2/ Vestax PMC-08Pro / Korg KAOSS PAD 3

01. Henrik Schwarz & Ame & Dixon - Where We At (Part 2 - Body Language Version)
02. Muallem - Cheerleader (Phreek plus One Cosmic Vox mix)
03. Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth (Capitol mix)
04. Koom.H - Move Your Funk (Take 2)
05. LCD Soundsystem - Freak Out
06. Chk Chk Chk - Heart Of Hearts (The Brothers mix)
07. Accu - Rolling
08. Beastie Boys - Lighten Up
09. Eric Rug - Tribute (The Laroye & Ky Bonus dub)
10. Hidria Spacefolk - Nasha Universo (Kiwa rmx)
11. Accu - Coupe
12. The Timewriter - Sunshine in the Backyards (Original mix)
13. Jazztronik - Froro
14. Soulphonic Soundsystem - Catalina Sunset (Fort Knox Five Rework)
15. Square One - Criacao
16. B2 Stetsasonic - Talking All that Jazz (Tortis Old School of Edits dub)
17. Blood, Sweat & Tears - John the Baptist (Holy

download  242 Kbps (VBR)

guestmix @ FLASH LIGHTS   http://www.petrenka.com/

3rd October 2007

I was looking for this song forever when I chanced upon it. While I was searching I found out a lot of other people were looking for it too so figured it was worth sharing here and there:

Ausoween / Kurt Harland

Just so you know, I got it from this open directory: Clicky!

Sound quality ain't the best but it's decent.

8th August 2007

Artist : OCTOPUS
Mix : Session-4-Progression
Genre : House, Ambient, Chillout, Funk, Breaks.
Label : octopusvision

URL : http://octopus.pdj.ru
Date : 2007-07-12
Time : 31:49 min
devices: SSL /Technics SL-1210MK2/ Vestax PMC-08Pro / Korg KAOSS PAD 3

01. James Brown - Interview
02. International Pony - Gothic Girl (menses_club_mix)
03. Mo'horizons - Superworld (childrens_world_replay)
04. Jimi Hendrix - Foxy (bootleg)
05. Gui Boratto - ItТs Majik (dub)
06. Ron Trent - Drum
07. Alexey Obraztsoff - Picture 1 Inside In To The Blue 1
08. Warm Sea Pitsunda

download 160 kbps
download 320 kbps

guestmix @ Progressia

26th September 2007

I've been going to BaGG</font> for a little over 2 decades and of the many things I love about the place...the music brings me back more than anything else. I don't love all of it, some of it I can't stand, but most of it really just does something for me. Through my own means I've tracked down a lot of it and with the help of some friends I've gotten still more...but there's a lot of it and just can't find it all with the means available to me generally.

Which is one of the reasons I joined this kinda community.

This is the playlist: Clicky!</font>

It was put together by a number of different DJs and while it's not that updated...it covers what I want best. Small problem is different people contributing to the list sometimes causes the same song to be listed more than once and not always by the same name.

Never said this was gonna be easy.

How much of this do you think you can find?

13th December 2006

Okay, so this is a weird one that makes me think of Monty Python to a degree. The style is odd, and the lyrics are odd, but it's funny and kinda neat. I don't know where the Hell to buy the CD, but the song itself is worth a download.   It's like a six year old on a fucked up acid trip, singing about Santa.  Go listen and for the love of God reply?  I wanna know what other people think of this. 

This week the two North American iTunes stores offer the same song as their free download of the week.  Silent Night by Sarah McLachlan.  It's a nice rendition, in keeping with her style and their policy of a free Holiday Single of the Week to replace the usual free single of the week for December. 

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