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Free this week on iTunes

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This week the two North American iTunes stores offer the same song as their free download of the week.  Silent Night by Sarah McLachlan.  It's a nice rendition, in keeping with her style and their policy of a free Holiday Single of the Week to replace the usual free single of the week for December. 

Of course, Apple rarely offers more than one free download a week for those of us in Canadia, however.  In the States you can pick up a couple more songs. 

US Music Store:
"Christmas Reindeer" by The Knife (Discovery Download) -- Kind of a weird electronic thingy with a holiday theme in theory.  I listened to it twice then deleted it.  Not to my liking because the beat was too slow.  I want fast paced electronic music, but it is worth listening to if you need some different Christmas music. 

"Anacaona" by La Sista (Latin Single of the Week) -- Ok, I tried listening to this, I really did, but the 30 second clip iTunes offers made me just not.  Isn't my kinda music but it it free.  I might appreciate it more if it were in English since that's my only real language.  I have trouble getting into a lot that isn't in English so, didn't really get into this one.  The style itself also didn't work for me much.  Give it a try if you're so inclined, how bad can it be for free? 
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