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10th December 2006

Christopher Harris is an artist from Bridgewater, NS, Canada. He's currently got (at least?) 6 albums floating around. The most recent (And my personal favourite) is The Hour of None, currently able to be downloaded through You Send It. It's a .zip file but I can personally attest that it's safe. Christopher wrote and performed all of the music on this album, with the exception of "After Supper" which he co-wrote and co-performed with Jordan Roherty.

Some of his previous albums can be found here and here You can visit his website here.

9th December 2006

Today I've got a couple Christmas songs for you all courtesy of the Pittsburgh Symphony Brass and Download.com.  They've got two songs out there for us all to mooch free of charge for the time being, so grab the mp3s while you can and enjoy them.  They're nice and traditional, perfect to play when Grandma is on the phone and you want her to think you're not sitting alone eating a tub of chocolate ice cream, avoiding the world in your dorm room.  Merry Christmas and all that jazz, so to speak. 

7th December 2006

I remember listing to Death Cab for Cutie on the radio back when I was living in San Francisco, and while I haven't heard much from them on the stations in Toronto I was pleased to see that they were offering three songs for download at Download.com in mp3 format.  The main artist page is here, but the individual songs are linked behind the cut, and hopefully will work.  Cross your fingers kiddies. 

Here's the listing for this week's free songs on iTunes for you. You'll need an iTunes account for each separate iTunes store to get to the different selections. If you want to get around the issue of credit cards, see about buying an iTunes gift card for the country in question via eBay. 

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